<strong>GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) Panel - Shelley Falconer, Art Gallery of Hamilton; Vickery Bowles, Toronto Public Library; John Roberts, Archives of Ontario; Christina Tessier, Ingenium; Petal Furness, Moderator, Grey Rooys Museum & Archives</strong>

The significant public trust in GLAMs as knowledge institutions stems largely from their commitment to objectivity and truthfulness. Our current world sees cynicism and increased partisanship on the rise, challenging courts, newspapers, and constitutional institutions. The importance of public trust in these institutions cannot be overestimated; what is the role of cultural organizations, such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums in the world of fake news? What are the opportunities for GLAMs to promote civic engagement in support of our democratic values and freedoms? And more importantly, how can we do this collaboratively?

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