Speaker/s Name: Linda Irwin (Manager, Museums, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services), Claire Hopkinson (Director & CEO, Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation), Penelope Stewart (Artist), Allen Kaeja (Co-Artistic Director, Kaeja d’Dance)
The Toronto Arts Council and City of Toronto Museums started a partnership in 2013 entitled "Animating Historic Sites & Museums" to create an innovative and creative opportunity for artists to animate historic sites outside the downtown core. The project has served as a catalyst for people to see and think about historic places in a new way – to provide alternatives to traditional methods of historic understanding and interpretation. The program positions historic site museums as vital public spaces of social interaction – where the past provides creative context for future-looking interpretation. Entering its 4th year, this project offers funding to artists to create and present new work inspired by and presented in the historic spaces. A range of innovative projects have been presented to date including dance, theatre and exhibitions. A panel of representatives from the TAC, the museums and artists will discuss the inspiration and some feedback on this program concept. Discussion will provide inspiration and suggestions for museum and cultural professionals to consider developing similar programming at their own museums.

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