Speaker/s Name: Franklin Vagnone (Principal – TWISTED PRESERVATION)
Cultural Consulting. New York City), has a strong background in the creative arts (Architecture, Design, Sculpture), is a Public Historian and “domestic-archeo-anthropologist.” An international thought leader in innovative and entrepreneurial non-profit management, he has a thoughtful combination of philosophical and practical experiences that have allowed him to consult, lecture, and teach internationally for an extensive list of universities, cultural sites, museums, and community-based membership organizations.

As well as maintaining the blog, Twisted Preservation, and the series “One Night Stand,” and moderating an international discussion group – The Anarchist’s Guide to Historic House Museums, Franklin has co-authored The Anarchist’s Guide to Historic House Museums (with Ms. Deborah Ryan), a book about innovative concepts for historic cultural sites. The book, in its 3rd printing since November 2015, was voted best Museum Education-related book of 2015 by Museum Educator’s Monitor.

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