Conference Opening 11/3/2016
The Incluseum Plenary & Workshop Aletheia Wittman, Porchia Moore 11/3/2016
Conference Opening (Cont.) Chief R. Stacey Laforme 11/3/2016
Addressing Diversity and Inclusion Katie Huddleston, (Museum & Heritage Coordinator, Museum on the Boyne), Marilynn Havelka, (Curator, Ruthven National Historic Site) and Mary Collier (Professional Development Program Manager, Ontario Museum Association) Moderator: Amy Barron 11/3/2016
PICTURE IMPERFECT: Tips and Tricks for Using Historic Images when Looking for Artifacts Sean Stoughton (Village Coordinator, Waterloo Region Museum) 11/3/2016
NEW HEIGHTS AT THE GREAT WAR FLYING MUSEUM Nat McHaffie (Curator, Great War Flying Museum) 11/3/2016
SHARED AUTHORITY AND INCLUSIVE STORYTELLING: A Grassroots, Community-Led Effort to Build Toronto’s First Museum of Migration Arlene Chan (Tour Guide, Toronto Ward Museum), Anja Hamilton (Programming Coordinator, Toronto Ward Museum) 11/3/2016
COME SEE THE REAL THING: Film-Based Programming in Historic House Museums Emma Tennier-Stuart (Master’s Student, Folklore Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland) 11/3/2016
WHAT CAN MUSEUMS LEARN FROM AGENCIES SERVING IMMIGRANTS? And what can they offer to newcomer audiences? Marta Keller-Hernandez (Administrator, Sur Gallery; Programming Coordinator, Paralia Newcomer Arts Network) 11/3/2016
THE JOURNEY TOWARDS EQUITABLE EDUCATION: A Museum’s Role Jan Emonson (Curator, York Region District School Board Museum & Archives), Christina Blake (Education Programmer, York Region District School Board Museum & Archives) 11/3/2016
Towards an Inclusive Society: Intersections of Race, Culture and Disability Rabia Khedr 11/3/2016
ENGAGING AUDIENCES: The New Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History Glenn Ogden (Creative Development Specialist, Canadian Museum of History) 11/3/2016
Ontario’s Museums 2025 and Your Museum: A Strategic Plan for the Future 11/4/2016
Frank Vagnone of Twisted Preservation Franklin Vagnone (Principal – TWISTED PRESERVATION) 11/4/2016
LEVERAGING THE MAGIC OF MENTORS Kate Butler (Museum Director, Haliburton Highlands Museum) 11/4/2016
RELEVANT & MEANINGFUL COLLECTIONS: Change Makers Past, Present, Future Mandy Salter (Director/Curator, Art Gallery Mississauga) 11/4/2016
INDIGENOUS COLLECTIONS: Who Cares? Janis Monture and Paula Whitlow (Woodland Cultural Centre), Petal Furness (Grey Roots Museum & Archives), Cara Krmpotich (University of Toronto), Heather George (McMaster University), Tanis Hill (Six Nations Polytechnic), Mary Collier (OMA) 11/4/2016
ANIMATING HISTORIC SITES & MUSEUMS: Creating Innovative Programming in Evocative Historic Spaces Linda Irwin (Manager, Museums, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services), Claire Hopkinson (Director & CEO, Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation), Penelope Stewart (Artist), Allen Kaeja (Co-Artistic Director, Kaeja d’Dance) 11/4/2016
Closing of Conference 11/4/2016
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