For three exciting years, the Collingwood Museum has partnered with a highly successful local theatre company, Gaslight Theatre Productions. Each year a sell-out event called Gaslight Tour takes over 650 participants on a guided tour of Collingwood’s downtown. The Tour features theatrical performances inspired by the people and themes of Collingwood’s past. Local, amateur actors bring the stories to life over the course of four days, and twenty- ve performances. In Gaslight Tour’s inaugural year, the Collingwood Museum was a host site for one of the four plays. In 2014, the Museum’s gallery was again transformed into a performance space that raised a number of challenges for staff, the least of which included open ames in the building and mud being purposefully rubbed on costumes worn within the building. In overcoming such challenges, staff came to the often dif cult realizations that museums need to be adaptable and functional community spaces which encourage the community’s active participation. Tackling this hurdle was a dif cult task for staff; however, the feedback from the community was encouraging and we look forward to embracing the drama with Gaslight Tour in future years.

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